How you can Create an Accelerated Learning Environment

The Inspired Learning Model™ was created in 1996 by the co-founders of Coach For Life Institute.

The Inspired Learning Model™ Facilitator Training & Certification Programs are designed for all facilitators of learning – particularly those, trainers and mentors who want to accelerate their learner’s growth by a factor of 200% or more over traditional critique-based learning models.

The Model embraces the underlying philosophy that what is focused on expands. When you want a learner to expand what they have started to learn, started to understand, and started to be able to do a skill that is related to a subject matter’s core competency . . . you will acknowledge the learner for it. This accomplishes 3 significant things in the learning process:

  1. The learner is reinforced for what they are doing right. (In the traditional critique-based learning philosophy, when the learner is focused on what they got wrong – the learner has not yet integrated what they got right. This takes the learner a longer time to understand and integrate those elements they got right.)
  2. The learner is encouraged that they are “beginning to get it!” (In the traditional critique-based learning philosophy, when the learner is constantly told what they got wrong, too many learners are demotivated, give-up trying or worse think they are not smart enough to learn.)
  3. The learner knows there is more to master, and they are excited to and willing to experiment on the edges of their current level of learning – knowing they are in a safe environment that will not shame them for not getting it right.

Understanding the Inspired Learning Model™ Course

Implementing the Inspired Learning Model™ Course

The Certified Inspired Learning Model™ Facilitator Course

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