Supporting Clients to Thrive!

Peter J Reding

Peter J. Reding MCC, MCLC

Global Impact Coaching

Clients I Love to Coach: World Changing Visionaries

Coaching Statement: My clients have a world changing vision, the time and resources to make their vision a reality, and are passionate at making their vision a top priority in their life. I hold a consciousness and a space where my clients and their visions thrive.

       Orlando, FL


Aubrey Nazareth, MCLC, PCC

Evolving Consciousness....towards Wholeness...through Coaching

Clients I Love to Coach: Top leaders heeding the call to be true to themselves.

Coaching Statement: I feel fulfilled when I am able to offer my client the gift of THEMSELVES! My coaching supports them in evolving consciousness towards wholeness.

      Pune, India

      (91) 99701-56479

Jean Taylor Callihan, MA, PCC, PCLC, PCC Assessor

Inspiring Positive Change

Clients I Love to Coach: Highly motivated individuals looking to live in alignment with their most authentic selves.

Coaching Statement: My clients are on a path to learn how to live authentically and in alignment with their true purpose. Through an in-depth self-discovery process and a deliberate focus on mindset, my clients are able to look inside themselves to find clarity. As they uncover their own unique direction, they create their desired outcomes that align with their authentic selves.

   Sarasota, FL


Alanna Brown, PCC, CLC

Empowering you to guide yourself on your journey

Clients I Love to Coach: Individuals on a conscious spiritual journey who are ready to intentionally guide themselves to the life they love.

Coaching Statement: My clients are beautiful souls who are consciously doing the inner work and have honored the calling that tells them there is another way to live life. They are ready to continue on their journey as an Intentional Creator of a fulfilling life while enjoying the unfolding of it all. I offer an uplifting environment for my clients to guide themselves to their spiritual alignment and know themselves as their own Divine Source.

      Fredericksburg, VA

Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh, PCC, MCLC, MBA

Reconnecting the Soul to Harness their Infinite Potential

Clients I Love to Coach: Women professionals who choose to embark on an inward journey of meaning

Coaching Statement: My clients bring the best version of themselves to the multiple roles they play and celebrate their contribution in each, while staying centered to who they authentically are.

      Mumbai, India

      (91) 98202-54642

Anne Kelly, PCC

My expertise is “listening clients into awareness and action”.

Clients I Love to Coach: My coaching clients are exclusively Federal executives and employees. Client topics vary but typically include leading change and transition, work-life balance, delegation, succession planning, business acumen, difficult conversations, avoiding burnout, team morale, adaptive leadership, coalition building, and strategic planning, among

Coaching Statement: The basis of my coaching approach is “The client is the source”. I am a partner, assisting in the creation of a safe space where they may trust, risk, examine, share, become aware, grow, and accomplish.

In each session, I listen for and acknowledge two things - what my client is “doing” and who my client is “being”. When we focus on “doing”, we’re talking about taking steps to achieve a result. When we talk about “being” we talk about how, and whether, the client’s way of living relates to their values and life purpose (which are captured in one of our first coaching sessions, and referenced throughout the coaching relationship.)

      Frederick, MD


Aparna Jain, CLC, NLP Master Practitioner

Clients I Love to Coach: Highly sensitive people and Seekers of fulfillment.

Coaching Statement: My clients are highly sensitive people who want to find their true self, unleash their full potential and live happy, fulfilled lives.

      New Delhi, India

      (91) 98111-52436

Aparna Mehra, CLC, PCC, MBA

Realise your Inner Magnificence

Clients I Love to Coach: Successful professionals who yearn to push their inner boundaries and re-discover themselves.

Coaching Statement: Every human being holds infinite power within themselves. I partner with my clients on an inward journey to discover their true magnificence and realise their inner power!
The journey inspires them to live life more fully from their authentic selves and achieve greater harmony between their inner and outer world!

      Mumbai, India


Arvind Chandak, ACC

Mind Stream

Clients I Love to Coach: Who have the healthy restlessness to keep exploring their authentic self to realize their full potential

Coaching Statement: The potential within the human self is limitless - My joy and life purpose is to touch the lives of my clients (especially the underprivileged) who are driven by their constant search of aligning their core values, strengths and life purpose to find self-fulfillment in helping others.

      Doha, Qatar


Joan Sparks

Joan Sparks, CLC, PCC

NRG Beyond Measure

Clients I Love to Coach: High Achievers

Coaching Statement: I support intuitive leaders, sales representatives and change agents who want to achieve breakthrough success and realize seemingly impossible dreams.

      Brookfield, WI


Joanna Davis, MCC, MCLC, PCC Assessor

Loving You Back to YOU

Clients I Love to Coach: Founders and top execs passionate about bringing psychological safety and FUN to the workplace, starting with themselves!

Coaching Statement: Improving corporate culture begins with our own internal culture. Gandhi said it beautifully, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." My years of coaching experience have shown me that small shifts in how a leader relates to themselves result in huge shifts in organizational culture. When was the last time you were truly HAPPY with YOU? If you're not happy with the answer, contact me. Let's talk.

      Dania Beach, FL


Julie Cusmariu, CLC, PCC

Julie Cusmariu

Clients I Love to Coach: Changemakers, visionaries, leaders, artists, individuals responsible for themselves and others and committed to their own wellbeing and of those around them and the planet.

Coaching Statement: I work with creative individuals, artists, leaders and change-makers to connect with and trust their intuition and use their voice for change. I support individuals in connecting to their own source of wisdom, and power. To bring presence, strength and heart into their everyday life and benefit from greater clarity and connection to their gifts, talents and values to impact their own life and the lives of others and the planet. I look forward to speaking with you.

      Quebec, Canada


Kay Richardson

Kay Richardson, MFT, CLC, PCC

Therapist & Professional Certified Coach

Clients I Love to Coach: Inspired, creative, aware individuals & couples.

Coaching Statement: My clients are ready to cultivate joy, align with authentic Self, and create fulfillment in life, career and relationships. I bring over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Certified Coach.

      Port Townsend, WA

Leah Wolf, CLC

Rewild Your Inner Compass and Step Confidently Onto Your Path

Clients I Love to Coach: Clients interested in building self-esteem and self-confidence with themselves or in their relationships.

Coaching Statement: Personal and relational empowerment are values in my heart and practice. There is nothing that brings me more joy than facilitating the rewilding and re-membering of my client's inner compass and knowing.

      Boulder, CO


Manmeet Singh, CLC

Reenergize - Reinvent - Rewire

Clients I Love to Coach: Mid Level, High Performing IT Professionals/Executives.

Coaching Statement: Manmeet is well equipped to coach high performing IT professionals in India in their mid-career looking to reenergize and reinvent themselves. This deep belief comes from Manmeet’s professional journey experiences and his recent commitment to be an ICF certified coach in 2019.


      Bangalore, India

      (91) 99805-00336

Michele Wahlder, CLC, PCC

Life Possibilities - Creating lives of passion and purpose

Clients I love to Coach: I love to coach clients who want to find their "sweet spot," the place where their greatest gifts and the world's greatest needs come together.

Coaching Statement: Oftentimes, it can be difficult to remain focused in our lives. We tend to get lost in things that don't create true contentment. Through our coaching sessions, I will help you create an inspiring life vision and concrete action plans to help you discover your unique life purpose, your passions and contribution to the world. I specialize in helping clients reevaluate their direction after a major life transition and forge a new fulfilling path; while staying motivated and energized. Making changes can be difficult alone; together, we will move beyond obstacles, beliefs and fears that may limit you so that you can feel more fully alive and engaged in your precious life.

      Dallas, TX


Robert Stack, MCLC, BCC, APR, Fellow PRSA

"Want Fame? Get Coached."

Clients I love to Coach: Thought leaders, experts, and creatives in the public eye who are trend setting visionaries.

Coaching Statement: I love being of service. I support thought leaders, experts, and creatives who are influencing lives and advancing change in the world with their being and doing.

      Juno Beach, FL


Shampi Venkatesh, CLC, ACC

People, Practices, Performance

Clients I Love to Coach: Functional Heads, Senior Women Leaders, Operations Heads, MD/CEO of SME's

Coaching Statement: "We know what we are, but we may not know what we may be" - I believe in the innate strengths that each one has. I coach because I love to see leaders discover their own ways to successfully deal with their situations and celebrate their empowerment at the end of the coaching journey!

      Gurgaon, India

      (91) 98737-16524

Swathi Dhilip, CLC

Clients I Love to Coach: Leaders (Especially women leaders) striving to be the best version of themselves.

Coaching Statement: Helping leaders connect to their core identity and strike a balance between 'who they are' and 'what-all' they are expected to do, keeping their dignity and splendour intact!

      New Delhi, India

      (91) 98688-88946

Wayne Kossman, MS, CLC, NCC

Certified Professional Life Coach

Clients I Love to Coach: Clients who desire joy and seek fulfillment

Coaching Statement: My passion is to support remarkable people to find joy and to create an extraordinary life through heart-centered work and self-determination.

      Fort Lauderdale, FL


Wendy Weiss, CLC, ACC

Personal Transformation Coaching

Clients I Love to Coach: Creative and emergent individuals who willingly embrace transformation in response to life's challenges and changes.

Coaching Statement: Personal Transformation Coaching with Wendy encourages and guides you to pause and attune to your own inner wisdom. Listening is the heart of coaching for me. I offer presence in service to those who seek to discover a truer sense of themselves, who find dynamic healing and unbounded creativity as ways to fuel their personal growth.

      Knoxville, TN