Introduction to Coach For Life

Welcome to Coach For Life Institute - where we teach and certify professional coaches in organizations, or as a solo coach practitioner. Coach For Life was established in 1996 and has been a pioneer in the profession of coaching and a contributor to the ICF - International Coaching Federation since 1996. Welcome to a deeply transformational coaching model, coach training and proven coaching technologies.

Corporate Coach Training

Peter J. Reding, MBA, MCC talks about - How to use External Coaches; Training & Certifying your Internal Coaches; and the significance of a Mind-shift change from Telling to Asking!

Fulfillment Coaching ModelTM

Peter J. Reding, MBA, MCC and Founder of Coach For Life Institute shares how Coach For Life's Core Philosophies and the Fulfillment Coaching Model inform its 23 years of proven & ICF fully Accredited (ACTP) coach training & certification programs.

Spirituality in Coaching

Coach For Life Institute has distinguished itself among the multitude of coaching programs as a Spiritually-based coach training program that is as powerful as it is universally accepted by all the major faith-based traditions of the world. We use plain language that can be used in corporation, schools (yes even here in the USA) and with all individuals - believers and non-believers.

Core-SELF TechTM

Core-SELF Tech™ Powerful Coaching Technology that has proven over the past 23 years to be able to accurately ACCESS the deepest part of you - down to your innate CORE (soul) and allows a human being to:

  1. Articulate your Core SELF
  2. Self-validate that what you have articulated (even when it is different than your old/conditioned operating system) has accurately captured who you REALLY are
  3. Align every day, practical actions, plans and decisions with your most authentic Core SELF