Ongoing Resources

CFL Graduate

CFL Grad Café

Coach For Life Institute offers ongoing support for our Grads to keep them up to date with:

  • CFL's latest changes in our Proprietary Discovery Processes
  • ICF latest updates on Ethics, Competencies, & ACC, PCC & MCC Credentialing requirements
  • Topics of interest. Some are offered as CCEs and some are offered for your own love of the coaching profession

 "2020 Resources - TBD"

CFL Grad Retreat

Coach For Life has periodically organized CFL Grad Retreats for:

  • Creating deeper connections between professional CFL coaches
  • A physical renewal
  • An opportunity to have deeper conversations with one or more of our Senior Facilitators


2019 Grad Retreat

  • Grad Weekend Retreat
  • Pune, India
  • April 12 - 14, 2019
  • Maximum 18 participants

CFL Grad Resources

Coach For Life offers an exclusive  CFL Grad Resources Library for:

  • Past Grad Café offerings – such as the highly attended 2018 PCC Markers Series of 12 webinar classes
  • Updated CFL Outlines & Processes
  • MCLC – Grads Master’s Portfolios
  • Potential partnering opportunities
  • Potential client opportunities
Grad Cafe

Exclusive content for Coach For Life Graduates

12 webinars from Grad Cafe 2018