Powerful & Empowering Transformation

Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) Practical Tools, Outlines and Processes

5 reasons why over 3,000 discerning professionals chose Coach For Life as their coach training provider.

ICF Accredited since 1999

You will earn ICF credit hours and other requirements needed for your ACC, PCC and MCC certification application! You can be assured that you are getting the most up-to-date coach training that is consistent with ICF requirements.

Coach For Life has been accredited by the ICF as a:

  • Level 1 Accredited Coach Training Provider - Leading to an ICF ACC level coach.
  • Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Provider - Leading to an ICF PCC level coach.

Coaching the Human Spirit™

You will learn who you really are and be able to do the same with your clients!

  • We train coaching from a whole person perspective – Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • You learn and experience the skill-set, mind-set, and practice building to be a masterful coach.
  • You will learn, even transform your deepest understanding of who you are.

The Fulfillment Coaching Model™

You will be able to coach anyone with the Fulfillment Coaching Model!

  • This model has been successfully used by our graduate coaches in: corporate, executive, personal, career, educational, governmental, and non-profit coaching practices – around the world.
  • The school that developed the Fulfillment Coaching Model in 1996.
  • Developed 3 powerful and proprietary access-ment - Core-SELF Tech™ - processes that bypass the linear mind to access your (and your client’s) heart and soul for your innate:
    • Core Values
    • Core Life Purpose
    • Core Strengths

The Inspired Learning Model

Coach For Life brings you accelerated learning in an empowering and positive learning environment.

  • Positively – the most effective learning environment in the world – Guaranteed!
  • This is the most advanced adult learning environment in the world. Used in public and private grade schools, universities, corporate training, adult literacy, in the US and internationally.
  • This model of learning was developed at Coach For Life by its two founders in 1996.

Global standards for High Quality Training! 

ACTO – The Association of Coach Training Organizations

  • Coach For Life has been on the leading edge of coach training since 1996 and continues to do so through its leadership position in ACTO
  • Coach For Life was a co-founder of this non-profit in 2000 with the other 7 major coach training schools in the United States.
  • Dedicated to cross-pollinate coach training’s best practices.

Holistic Practical Tools, Outlines and Processes

You will be provided with the following example outlines:

  • How to introduce yourself as a Coach.
  • How to conduct a prospective coaching client sample session.
  • Sample coaching contract.
  • Forms to conduct the initial Foundation Session.
  • Forms to support the client's self-discovery.
  • Outline for a group coaching session.
  • Outline for a coaching engagement completion session.