Accelerated Adult Learning. Positively, The Most Effective Learning Environment!

Coach For Life is a pioneer in developing accelerated adult learning environments. The Inspired Learning Model™ was developed, articulated and taught by Peter J. Reding beginning in the mid 1990s.

The Inspired Learning Model honors each individual’s learning style and pace of learning. The positive-reinforcement-only learning environment only acknowledges the learner for the skills demonstrated or knowledge understood that are consistent with the mastery of the subject matter’s competencies. This learning model has proven to be empowering and highly effective in accelerating adult learning. Critique, comparison and criticism are not used in this new learning environment.

Inspired Learning is used in every part of Coach For Life’s training and certification course offerings. The Benefits to the Learner:

Inspired Learning Institute

The learner learns faster without the threat of criticism

  • The learner remains open
  • The learner continues to explore the edges of their current understanding
  • The learner continues to experiment

The learner integrates more with the safety of always being celebrated

  • The learner is excited to try a new process or skill again
  • The learner remains in the natural state of the joy of learning
  • The learner gets the reinforcement of what they have done right (that which is consistent with the mastery of the subject matter’s competencies)

The learner benefits from the 100% positive peer group participation

  • Brought back to the human spirit’s natural response of witnessing another’s learning process – to celebrate!
  • Intentionally looking for and listening for what the other learners in the group did right (consistent with the competencies of mastery) further reinforces mastery in and for the observer. Oh, that’s what that looks like (sounds like).
  • Acknowledging what was right accelerates integration of new material, skills and approaches for each learner. I can do that, let me try next.

Now buy the Inspired Learning Model™ Handbook & Audio Series developed by its creator - Peter J. Reding

Inspired Learning Handbook

82-pages handbook, comprises of the 7 elements of the Inspired Learning Model™

Inspired Learning Audio Course

13-set audio series - completed on your own or within your own study group

Inspired Learning Handbook and Audio Course

82-page handbook & 13-set audio series of the Inspired Learning Model™

Never Stop Learning

Coach For Life is the

only ICF Accredited coach training & certification school

that offers the elegantly simple & spiritually-based

Fulfillment Coaching Model™ &

The Inspired Learning Model™ Environment.


Coach For Life employs all learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

This is accomplished by providing:

  • A detailed 200+ page workbook, for the logical (left brain) learning center.
  • Experiential and meditative exercises, for the intuitive (right brain) learning center that allow the student to feel and experience the new teachings.
  • Authentic, real demonstrations and modeling of coaching skills and processes for the students to see and hear for themselves the different methodologies that are most effective. (No artificial role-playing exercises are used.)
  • Interactive group exercises concentrating on the core coaching competencies of coaching. This creates a reservoir of experiential or in-your-bones learning.
  • An opportunity to coach and be coached allowing students to practice their skills. Also, an opportunity to observe and be observed while coaching allows the student to receive timely and supportive feedback while deepening their learning and confidence.
  • Frequent writing and reflection exercises for the student to deepen their learning and invite personalized integration.
  • An interactive, audio-visual, live webinar for follow-up training.

Coach For Life follows up each multi-day, 100% LIVE, highly interactive, experiential 4-day training that is provided using the Zoom virtual platform service that can be accessed for free from your computer’s internet browser anywhere in the world. This allows people in every part of the world to receive several weeks of ongoing training and support at their homes or office. This group training via Zoom access is the key for students to integrate the learning into their everyday life and work.