We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

Coach For Life's Fulfillment Coaching Model is based on the belief that we experience fulfillment when we are:

  • Aware and have clearly accessed & articulated our Core Self (the individual’s most authentic Self) - Core Values, Core Life Purpose and Core Strengths or Natural Gifts and Talents
  • Actively living in alignment with our Core Values, Core Life Purpose and Core Strengths or Natural Gifts and Talents
  • Celebrating the fact that we are living our own life, by acknowledging when we are actually living in alignment with our Core Values, Core Life Purpose and Core Strengths or Natural Gifts and Talents
  • Connected to and access our own sense of Source

Core Values

Core Life Purpose

Core Strengths

Proven, Honed & Tested since 1996

  • The Fulfillment Coaching Model has been used by thousands of trained professional coaches with their coaching clients from every type of background, culture, age, professional role, stage of life, transition of life, Spiritual-tradition that you can think of.
  • The Fulfillment Coaching Model has proven to be universally applicable because it is solidly grounded in the individual’s Human Spirit to know them self, be them self, and celebrate them self, as they contribute back to their respective world – family, company, profession, community, environment, etc.
  • The Fulfillment Coaching Model can be employed in every single coaching session because it is elegantly practical.
  • The Core-SELF-tech™ process technologies are proprietary tools that you will experience first-hand during the first 4 days of training. You will then be trained to employ these with your coaching clients. See Core-SELF-tech™ page for more information.

Supporting your Clients to Pursue their Life's Goals and Purpose

The Fulfillment Coaching Model has worked with every major faith-based tradition in the world. Even for those clients who choose to not want to talk (or cannot talk) about religion, god, divinity for whatever reason – by using the client’s language the power of the Fulfillment Coaching Model will be felt and the relevance of who they re-discover them self to be will inform and inspire them towards their goals and aspirations. When you employ the Fulfillment Coaching Model:

With your Coaching Clients

  • You support them to live the life they are here to live
  • You support them to achieve both their tangible and in-tangible goals
  • You support them to experience a deep, lasting and personal fulfillment ... maybe for the first time in their life!

With your Employees

  • You support them to unleash more of their Core Strengths that will transform average contributors to significant contributors
  • You will transform high potential contributors to world-class contributors
  • You will improve your retention for the talent that is vital to your organization’s growth and mission success

With your Associates, Community and Family 

  • You will both see and reinforce within all the people that are important to you, their unique set of Core Values, Core Purpose and Core Strengths
  • You will encourage them to be more confident, more creative, more contributory
  • You will be a catalyst for a culture of cooperation, trust, celebration, and social responsibility that is authentic, generative, and that makes a significant and life-affirming difference for you and those you care about and love
Coach For Life trains professionals in the principles and skills of coaching, the philosophy of coaching and the means to create a safe and sacred space for the client in the coaching relationship.
Coach For Life honors the full and complete integration of the parts of each of us that appear to be different or separate. The underlying principle that guides our writings, training and programs is that we all have access to a life-affirming Divine Source.