Discover: “Who am I (Really)?”

The subject matter expert in the coaching relationship is the client because the subject is the client. The Core-SELF processes support the client to remember and articulate who they have always been – at their Core. This is an Access-ment tool that reveals the 100% uniqueness of that one client, not an Assessment tool that puts that client into a finite number of buckets or categories. So easy for the coach to use, yet so powerful. And the Core-SELF processes integrate seamlessly with the ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers so beautifully.


Real-world, proven coaching skills powered by Core-SELF Tech™ - exclusively at Coach For Life Institute training.


Coach For Life has found that personal transformation is not permanent when not rooted in the individual’s innate nature or their most authentic nature. We have also found that when a person knows their own true, innate nature and is supported by their coach to align their day-to-day plans and actions with their own true nature – personal transformation is real, meaningful, and permanent. As a direct result – the individual is more alive and engaged.

The Coach who is trained and certified by Coach For Life Institute is not trying to change the coaching client, but rather reminding the coaching client of who they really are at their Core. The coach For Life certified coach uses the words that the client has articulated for themselves that clearly and powerfully describes the client’s “True Nature”, “Original Self”, or as we call it the client’s Core SELF!

Core-SELF-tech™ has proven processes that help the coaching client answer 3 of the most important questions of their life:



Who am I (really)?

Why am I here?

How can I make a difference?

Until the coach knows what the client’s real SELF is, the coach and the client will be operating mostly from a place of the client’s “unconscious conditioned self”. This is building a life on a false or shaky foundation. With the use of Core-SELF-tech proven processes the coaching client can build their life on the bed-rock of who they really are and what they are here to contribute, that is the only way for the client to experience a deep sense of fulfillment!


The conditioned self is a very old operating system that nearly all human beings have come to believe is ...  just the way I am and have always been. In other words, it is very old programming that has been un-examined for as long as they have been alive. The client has forgotten who they really are at their Core – their True Self, their Original Self, and what I believe is their Innately Magnificent Self. Who they really are has literally been buried under a shell of enculturated protection and a mask of normalcy that has been defined by others.

The proven Core-SELF process accesses the coaching client’s innate-self by by-passing the conditioned-self, programmed-self, and old-beliefs-self stored in the cellular memory of the individual.

When a person is broken by outside forces - LIFE ENDS. When the individual breaks out of their conditioned shell - LIFE BEGINS. Human transformation can only originate FROM INSIDE the individual.

Peter J. Reding

How Core-SELF Tech™ Benefits the Coach

By facilitating the client to articulate in their own words, their Core-SELF, it allows the coach to hear and acknowledge the client in a manner that replaces the coach’s autobiographical listening and acknowledgments which are the most challenging skills to develop as a coach.

The client’s issues, goals or challenges can now be linked to their own language revealed through the Core-SELF processes and thereby the client hears THEIR own language, the words that call forth their passion and reminds them of why they are here. This ignites the internal drive born within them that is stronger than all external motivations and conditionings combined.

When the client has been reconnected to their Core-SELF, it liberates them from years of programming from the outside world that has created a dependency on other’s opinions on how they should live, what they should value, what they should learn and how they should act. The client can now hear more easily that voice from within that is their Core SELF – by eliminating old, programmed, and unconscious voices or good opinions from others so the client can now rely on their own wisdom that has always been there as their own inner guiding voice.