Teach a Man to Fish

An often-quoted parable Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish; he feeds himself for a lifetime Give a man advice on how he is to live his life, he doesn’t have to think or learn for himself today. Ask a man a powerful question on…

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The Positively Brilliant Manifesto

I. Proclaim To make known publicly and declare the truth of my Positively Brilliant Self. I am Positively Brilliant as a result of my unique Divine Nature and my life-affirming human nature. I am endowed with a Divine Nature from my Divine Source. My Divine Nature is made up of a unique set of Innate…

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Who's Life Are You Living

Whose Life Are You Living?

Life – the space between birth and death Living – how you be, what you do and who you serve, in this moment Until we each find our True-Self we are living adopted and unauthentic lives! Each of us are planning, making decisions and taking actions based on an underlying set of beliefs, attitudes, values,…

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