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A Positive Strength-Based Approach
Pursuing Your Life's Goals and Purpose

Coach For Life's Fulfillment Coaching Model™ is based on the belief that we experience Fulfillment when we:

  •  Are aware and have clearly articulated our innate values, life purpose, and intrinsic gifts and talents.

  • Actively living in alignment with our own values, purpose and gifts.

  • Celebrate living our own life by acknowledging when we are actually living in alignment with our own values, purpose and gifts.

  • Connect and access with our own sense of source.

The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ empowers the client’s creative human nature as well as reconnects the client with their infinitely resourceful Divine Nature. Learn how to do this without ever having to use the word Spirit/God/Christ. We can facilitate someone accessing the Spirit within them whether they are consciously aware of it or not!

When you employ the Fulfillment Coaching Model™:

  • With your Coaching Clients – You support them to live the life they are here to live.

  • With your Employees – You support them to unleash more of their natural strengths that will transform average contributors to significant contributors. You will transform high potential contributors to world-class contributors. You will improve your retention for the talent that is vital to your organization’s growth and mission success.

  • With your Associates, Community and Family – You build a culture of cooperation, trust, celebration, and social responsibility that is meaningful and life-affirming for you and those you love.

Coach For Life trains professionals in the principles and skills of coaching, the philosophy of coaching and the means to create a safe and sacred space for the client in the coaching relationship.

Coach For Life
 honors the full and complete integration of the parts of each of us that appear to be different or separate. The underlying principle that guides our writings, trainings and programs is that we all have access to a life-affirming Divine Source.


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