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Life Coach Program™
Parts I & II of the 3 Part Certified Life Coach Program™

Overview of The Life Coach Program™ (LCP)

This two-month program contains all of the educational hours a coach needs to"Associate Certified Coach". More importantly, the program holds the high level of focus and support needed for the new coach to gain the competence, confidence and structure to start coaching. Many graduates of the Life Coach Program (LCP) begin their coaching practice while many others integrate the coaching skill-set and coaching mind-set learned back into their current profession and career.

This 8-week (60-hour) Life Coach Program™ (LCP) includes:
  • 5-day in-person seminar (46-hour) – Comprehensive Coaching Course &
  • 6-week webinar (14-hour) - Build a Practice Webinar

Each Life Coach Program (LCP) is open to a maximum of 18 participants. This means you are in a small and intimate group where in-depth sharing and learning can take place. Each participant is as dedicated to their personal development and spiritual path as you are to yours. It is an environment where all spiritual traditions are honored and no one tradition is held as the only way to be.

Coach For Life utilizes certified and highly trained facilitators for all coach training & certificationcourses.

Coach For Life’s Faculty have been:

1. Certified in Coach For Life's Fulfillment Coaching Model™,
2. Trained as an Inspired Learning Model Facilitator™, and
3. Have established successful coaching practices.
The LCP Program has been designed to make sure that your first week as a new coach is filled with all
the information, forms, structure, experience and support you need to start coaching now.

The following webinar weeks are focused on integrating and expanding all that you have learned during the first 5-day session. You also learn how to attract, market to, and enroll clients into your coaching practice. The built-in, real-life, peer-coaching relationships that continue over these two months allow you to experience how a coaching relationship evolves and begins to mature.Description:

The Life Coach Program consists of two phases:

Part I - In-Person 5-day Comprehensive Coaching Course

During the 5-day Comprehensive Coaching Course, you are totally immersed in the unique and honoring Inspired Learning Environment™ where you receive a complete week of coaches training along with real-life practice sessions of coaching and being coached. No role-play coaching takes place during this two-month Program -- only real-life coaching!

This is a great way to get started coaching. You receive all the core coaching skills, structures, coaching forms, philosophy and firsthand experience, as well as start the conversation of filling your coaching practice, all at one time. It's a great jump-start to put your dream into practice now!

Part II – Webinar 6-week - Build A Practice Webinar

Now that you can see the larger picture and have all the pieces, the same group of participants continue into the next 6-week Build A Practice Webinar. Coach For Life supports you in integrating these pieces into your real life. You will receive guidance to personalize your coaching practice and how to begin to consciously design how you choose to serve the world through the profession and philosophy of coaching. Throughout this course you are provided with a peer-coach and a peer-client as well as the weekly 1 1/2 hour facilitated group training sessions.

What makes the Life Coach Program (LCP) so unique?

Coach For Life's curriculum has been designed to include what we have experienced as the most essential components that will support our participants in launching their new career as a coach and/or integrating coaching skills into their existing career.

1. A clear coaching model – The Fulfillment Coaching Model™
2. Lots of clearly articulated outlines, forms and examples – A 200+ page manual
3. Fully 1/3rd of the class time is experiential – well developed exercises to integrate your learning of the competency(ies) just covered
4. An advanced adult learning environment – The Inspired Learning Model™ environment
5. A holistic (body-mind-spirit) coaching approach to support your coaching client’s complete life
6. In-person (first 5-day course), Interactive webinar thereafter.
7. Small class sizes Part I and II = 18 max; Part III = 6 candidates in the certification cohort.Description:

How to Get Paying Clients
This is one of the most essential aspects of starting a coaching practice. Unique training techniques are initiated in the first week that ease you into a remarkably genuine offering of your services. Integration continues during the weekly webinar sessions strengthening the number one way of enrolling clients and expanding the numerous paths you may choose to a successful practice.

The cornerstone of Coach For Life’s unique coaching skills and processes is the FULFILLMENT COACHING MODEL™ that operates on the principle that we are always both seeking and being drawn to greater levels of fulfillment. One of the concepts offered within the FULFILLMENT COACHING MODEL™ is that we are all being called to our highest level of fulfillment through an innate knowingness of our own truth and gifts that we are here to share. This concept is the foundation that attracts the clients that are perfectly suited for you and your successful coaching practice.

Have Your Own Coach
Having your own personal peer-coach supports new coaches to create a successful coaching practice. So Coach For Life provides you with your own peer-coach.

During the five-day seminar you receive over a month's worth of one-on-one coaching. And during the integration phase, Part II, of your training you have your own personal peer-coach to support you each week towards your own personalized creation of your coaching practice.

Having your own coach is an essential aspect of being able to present yourself to the world as a coach. The number-one way to enroll people into being coached is to be able to share the passion of your own personal insights and forward movement as facilitated by your coach. Without your personal experience, conviction and passion for what you have gained from having a professionally trained coach, there is very limited energy to share the benefits of hiring a coach.

The Life Coach Program (LCP) gives you the opportunity to get your own personal experience of being coached for two whole months. And there is no additional cost to you for this coaching. It is included in the price of the LCP Program.

Clients to Coach

Finding clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a coach. So the two-month Life Coach Program is structured to provide a peer-client for you to coach during the first two months.

This can make a huge difference in new coaches' ability and willingness to put them self out to the world to serve as a coach. You see firsthand how much value there is to be received as a client from a coaching relationship and you get to experience the value YOUR coaching can deliver to someone else.

It is so important for a new coach to experience that they can provide that type of value to another by serving as their coach. You will be able to hear from your client what they are gaining from having you as their coach. Based on this feedback and fired up with that confidence, you can tell other people interested in hiring you as their coach what value they could find in working with you.

Coach For Life provides you with tremendous support in honing your coaching skills as well as developing your confidence to market yourself as a professional coach.Description:

The Coach For Life Graduate Community

Program Participants

You start building your coaching community from day one of the five-day seminar. After bonding and getting to know each other for the first five days, you continue on with this same group for the rest of the LCP program. There is a maximum of 18 participants, so you get an opportunity to really know each other. Lifelong relationships have begun within this Program.

Free CFL Grad On-line Community - Upon completing the five-day training you will be invited to join Coach For Life's on-line community. There is a bountiful group of experienced coaches that have been contributing and sharing their expertise through this vehicle, and they are waiting to welcome you and share what they have learned with you. There is no charge to belong -- just your voluntary choice to sign up and enjoy the community.

Within the Yahoo Community Group, there is a large amount of information accumulated to support you in getting your coaching practice up and filled. For instance, Coach For Life coaches have contributed examples of the letters of introduction they used to acquire coaching clients, outlines and handouts for speaking to community groups, and complete seminars they have offered.

There are also 2 LinkedIn groups that have been started by CFL Grads for CFL Grads – one based out of the USA and a second based out of India.

Spiritual Perspective

Being a 'Spiritual Coach' creates unlimited potential. The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ is the ideal coaching model for the individual who desires to combine their coaching services and their spiritual tradition. Being a Spiritual Coach totally expands the areas and types of people you can coach.

The spiritually-based Fulfillment Coaching Model™ is currently being used by our graduates and certified coaches around the world and in every type of coaching being offered – life coaching, executive coaching – career coaching – transition coaching – internal coaching – external coaching, etc.

In Coach For Life's training we use a spiritual coaching model. We know that we can touch the heart and soul of anyone, whether they consciously know themselves as spiritual beings or not. We believe everyone is a spiritual being having a human experience. Even for those who see themselves as just a human or as human beings having an occasional Spiritual experience, we can, and do, touch their soul without ever having to use the word "Spirit" or "God," etc. All the coaching skills, processes and tools offered in the Coach For Life courses are 100% applicable to whoever you coach.

As a Spiritual coach, our power lies in our connection with Spirit. It's not required that the client be conscious of any Spiritual connection. As Spiritual coaches we can "access" the Spirit we know to be within everyone regardless of an individual's belief or level of consciousness around being Spiritual. And we do this without imposing our beliefs onto the client, or employee being coached.

There is a transcendent magic, (some call it a miracle), that occurs when Spirit is accessed and brought into the numerous decisions that make up the fabric of our lives. There are numerous methods of "accessing" Spirit that are taught and experienced in all of Coach For Life's coach training & certification programs. Accessing Spirit aligns us with our true nature. This in turn brings peace, joy, ease, and fulfillment into every moment of our lives.Description:

The Inspired Learning™ Environment

The co-founders of Coach For Life pioneered the Inspired Learning Model™ Environment that honors the perfection of every learner. This one element is so radical, yet so simple and powerful, that it has been named the "Miracle Grow of the Soul" because of how powerfully it effects personal transformation!

Inspired Learning™ is a positive-reinforcement-only learning environment. This learning model has proven to be empowering and highly effective in accelerating adult learning by 200% or more. Critique, comparison and criticism are not used in this new learning environment.

All coaching skills, tools and processes taught at Coach For Life are taught in this Inspired Learning Model™ Environment.


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