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Peter J. Reding, MCC, MCLC 
Global Impact Coaching 
Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 654-1850

Clients I Love to Coach: World Changing Visionaries

Coaching Statement: My clients have a world changing vision, the time and resources to make their vision a reality, and are passionate at making their vision a top priority in their life. I hold a consciousness and a space where my clients and their visions thrive.

Phyliss Francis-Wigfall MA, CLC, PCC
Awakening Lives 
Honolulu, HI 96825
Phone: (310) 995-3101 


Clients I Love to Coach: Executives and Professionals looking to develop or expand their leadership roles within their organization, business and life.

Coaching Statement: I provide Executive Coaching & Leadership development for Businesses and Professionals. I provide professional coaching and training, where people can learn how to transform themselves into powerful Leaders and Visionaries, while maintaining balance in their personal lives. My coaching system includes alignment with your daily actions, values and consciousness.

Jodi Anthony, CLC
Life Coaching with Jodi
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 642-3473

Clients I love to coach: People who are committed to their spiritual and personal growth

Coaching Statement: I support people in steping into their lives in a bigger way. I love supporting my clients by holding a safe and sacred space for them to explore any and all aspects of themselves. I help my clients gain awareness and take steps towards what they want more of in their life.

Diane Armstrong, CLC,
Reiki Master
Snow Hill, MD
Phone: (410) 251-7701
WebSite: The Serenity Shoppe ... your oasis for body and soul

Clients I Love to Coach: Those feeling called to Something More.

Coaching Statement: Since 2001 it has been my honor to witness hundreds of people practicing their way into vibrational alignment, expanded consciousness and Love-filled relationship with self and others. If your heart is pinging "Yes" as you read this, trust the feeling and contact me to explore the possibilities.

Teresa Atkin, B. Sc,

Phone: (608) 219-7212

Clients I Love to Coach: Individuals. couples, and groups who are looking to transform their lives, relationships, or businesses.

Coaching Statement: I offer a space of unconditional positive regard and complete respect for my clients' choices. In so doing, my clients change their inner critical voice to one of encouragement and possibility. Rapid transformational growth is likely! My clients are typically those whose transformation affects other people in families, relationships, and/or business.

 Tara Baldwin, MCLC 
Master Certified Life Coach, 
BELIEVE Life Coaching

Phone: (410) 991-5629
Web Site:


Clients Clients I Love to Coach: Successful People who are ready to take it to the next level. Those ready to do the work.Those ready to be victors!:)

Coaching Statement: We are responsible for the awareness/awakening of the world, based on our own awareness/awakening." Through this awareness, we can facilitate change.

Dave Blomsterberg, CLC
Professional Certified Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker
DB Coaching
Worldwide Results Coaching Services
Phone: (818) 889-1557

Clients I Love to Coach: ALL INDIVIDUALS who have a desire to live their best life ever! I truly enjoy coaching individuals with all types of backgrounds. I specialize in making sure that every one of my clients receives maximum results for all areas of their life they are wanting to create more fulfillment as they are willing to completely show up for themselves!

Coaching Statement: I am here to provide all an outstanding level of service and support, in order for each individual to be EMPOWERED to create ABUNDANCE in all areas of their life that they wish to be fulfilled! I promise to hold the safest space for all, in order for each individual to develop to be the absolute best person thay can be by showing up for themselves and all others that surround them. I will always be in integrity for all and will ask the same level of accountability from each individual, so they will fully grow to achieve the phenomenal results they are wanting to obtain in their life! I guarantee that I will always show up for all by being in the "present moment" to best support each individuals needs, and I will ask the same from them, so they can honor themselves to live their happiest life ever...

Sheri Boone, CLC, MCC, BCC
Inspired Mastery
Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 282-3882

Clients I Love to Coach: Coaches moving toward their PCC and MCC credentials.

Coaching Statement: I offer a package that includes coaching and mentor coaching you to refine your skills and presence and that fulfills the ICF requirement for 10 hours of mentor coaching.

Carrie J. Bowman, MA, CLC
Professional Certified
Life Coach

Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 984-4966

Clients I Love to Coach: 
Individuals who are seeking greater fulfillment, peace, and joy in their lives, and who are willing to take the action to create awareness, change, and connect to their most magnificent selves!

Coaching Statement: 
If you are looking for a coach, then you are in the process of seeking, and the awareness of this need is the first step in a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Congratulations! This is the step upon which all abundance, joy, and fulfillment rests. Perhaps you are desiring to effect a concrete change in your world, or perhaps you intuitively feel there must be more to your life than your current experience, but are unsure what course to take. Whatever the motivation, if you are willing to take action and have an open and receiving mind to this bountiful process, all is possible.

I view my clients as whole and resourceful, but disconnected from their innate magnificence. My purpose is to facilitate this connection, this reunion between you and your most authentic self. Change is based upon a heightened awareness of choices leading to new decisions and subsequent action, and a fundamental shift in your internal and external experience.

This breathtaking awareness is created in our coaching sessions, whereby we co-create a powerful space of respect, unconditional acceptance, and safety. In this type of environment, you and I as partners, will begin an exhilarating process of discovering where you can become more aligned and ultimately congruent with your purpose and core values.

I truly honor YOU as your most valued expert, and in this space, you will come to see the truth of this! Can you imagine coming to rely upon your own internal wisdom, making choices based on honoring yourself, and experiencing a sense of peace and joy on a daily basis?

This is all possible and the manner in which we are supposed to be experiencing this world! When you begin living life in congruence with your most sacred truth, fulfillment and abundance is the natural result.

Deb Brickell M.A.
Manifesting Made Easy
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (323) 546-9393

Clients I Love to Coach: Those who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth and who are ready to THRIVE not just survive. I love coaching new coaches, entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners who are ready to grow and expand their business. I specialize in helping intuitives, alternative healers, and holistic practitioners utilize their unique gifts and talents in service to those they are here to serve.

Coaching Statement: I am an intuitive coach providing safe, sacred and supportive space where my clients experience rapid transformation and forward movement toward their dreams and goals. The coaching space provides a supportive environment where clients tap into their heart-felt dreams and desires, access their unique gifts and talents, gain clarity and wisdom, clear blocks and resistance, and move forward with ease

Anne M. Brooks, CLC
On Purpose LIFE!
Annapolis, Maryland

Phone: (410) 263-3474
Cell: 410-212-9283
Web Site:

Clients I love to coach: Brave people who are ready to leave the comfort and security of the corporate world to choose life/work they are passionate about living

Coaching Statement: I am committed to supporting my clients to discover their core values and life purpose to live a life of passion, joy and ease.

Karen A. Cappello, PCC, BCC
Practice Development Mentor Coaching
Tucson, AZ

Phone: (520) 299-0001

Clients I Love to Coach: Cooaches who want to grow their coaching businesses using spiritual principles

Coaching Statement: Find out how to have a successful coaching practice with ease and joy!

Leah Dierdre Wolf, CLC, ACC, BACP
Transition Coach

Boulder, CO

Phone: (303) 946-0552

Clients I Love to Coach: I love to coach clients that are interested in aligning with their highest values and creating a life they love.

Coaching Statement: I believe in the innate wisdom that people hold inside of themselves. I see people as their fullest potential, and I whole-heartedly believe that everyone holds within them the power to create a life they love. As a coach, I am tapped into my client’s unbounded true nature while they move forward with inspiration.

Char Cooper RN, MSN, APRN
Whole Health
East Windsor, CT 06088

Phone: (860) 292-1029

Clients I Love to Coach: Clients that want to feel good and are motivated to change thoughts and patterns to create the healthy life they want!

Coaching Statement: Hi, I’m Char Cooper and I am a certified Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. For years I have been empowering patients and clients using a mind, body, Spirit approach to create and achieve fabulous health and wellness. In order to create this fabulous health and wellness, we need to feel good. It is my belief that what we all really want is to feel good. Think about the last time you felt good, really good, how would you describe it? When you feel good, how are your interactions and relationships affected, how about your success and creativity, what about your inner happiness? When we feel good we’re open, relaxed, energized, and creative, we’re in a position to create the life we want. In my coaching sessions I use the power of thought, focused intention and deliberate action to help you create a feel good state where you can create your reality. Contact me now for a free consultation and start feeling good today! 860-292-1029

Joanna Hackley Davis, MCLC, PCC
Loving you back to YOU!
Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Life Coach, Mentor
Dania Beach, FL
Phone: (407) 280-1636


Clients I Love to Coach: Those eager to experience their inner self on a deep, authentic, loving level. If the prospect elicits both fear and excitement, that would be YOU!

Coaching Statement: My Life Purpose is Facilitating Awareness, Healing, Connection, and Growth. I facilitate access to your Divine Self so that you may empower yourself and others to consciously create lives of deep appreciation, celebration, and JOY!

Jamie Durner, ACC
Ayurveda Wellness
Brookfield, WI 53045
Phone: (262) 389-5835

Clients I Love to Coach: Individuals looking to move beyond chronic pain and into optimal health, coaches wanting to add more body-mind-spirit connections to their work, spiritual explorers looking to develop a deeper daily connection to their Infinite Self, and everyone who is ready to say YES to the UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES IN LIFE!

Coaching Statement: As a Ayurvedic Practitioner and Wellness Educator, I utilize my background as a bodyworker, Kundalini yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and life coach to support individuals in feeling better today AND in developing the awareness, the resources, and the confidence to achieve sustainable, optimal health. Wellness is primarily based on what you do every day, the choices you make, the beliefs beyond the actions. I help clarify your habits and patterns to make sure they’re serving your needs today, increase awareness about external factors creating imbalance, and support you in achieving your wellness goals on all levels of body, mind and spirit. I support you living in harmony with both your internal nature as well as the external environment. When you are alignment, life flows with ease, abundance and joy! I hold the coaching space for clients to find their own best answers by developing an more intimate relationship with their inner wisdom and by being able to communicate effectively with their Total Self (body, mind and spirit). Call for your FREE 15 MINUTE consultation today.

Christine Esdaile MA, CLC, ACC
Professional Life Coach
Reiki Master Teacher
New Horizons for Coaching and Consulting
Inspired, Creative Personal & Career Development for Success

Office Phone: 608-467-2428
Cell: 608-215-6807

Clients I Love to Coach: Individuals from all types of backgrounds who are interested in waking up to the innovative and visionary side of themselves. People who are excited about maximizing their strengths in all aspects of their life, are willing to embrace the practical challenges of life and the beauty of their own spiritual magnificence. Those who would like to dare to explore their dreams, to do and to enjoy life at its fullest.

Coaching Statement: I see life as an exciting, joyful, adventurous journey of self-discovery. I am passionate about helping clients accelerate their journey, bridging the gap between dreams, aspirations and daily action and love seeing this happen again and again. Likewise, I love watching the ripple effect of how personal transformation helps individuals discover their own version of living with a poetic sense of personal integrity, and succeeding at being inspirational agents of positive change in their personal and professional lives.

Janet L. Fagan, M.Ed, ACC, JCTC
Certified Associate Coach (ICF), Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
*Career *Business *Military

Phone: (928) 203-4816

Follow me on:

Web Sites :

Coaching Statement: “Helping You to Find Focus & Clarity & Reach Your Full Potential”"

Clients I Love to Coach: Individuals in Career Transition, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Military: Both Veterans of several years, and Veterans who are returning from deployment to civilian life and seeing employment. Also provide business/executive coaching for individuals and organizations, specializing in Team Development Workshops.

Coach For Life Course Graduate; International Coach Federation Certified Coach; Certified Job & Career Transition Coach

Tina Gemoets, M.Ed., CLC, ACC
INSPIRE Professional Life Coaching
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Phone: (928)853-7554
Web Site:
Web Site:

Clients I Love to Coach: College Students, Business Owners, Women

Coaching Statement: I have worked with college students for several years and know the challenges they face. I enjoy assisting business owners find their true potential. I have an intuitive and honest edge in helping women in relationships and helping them cultivate the life they know they deserve.

 Kate Harper, CLC, PCC
Kate Harper Coaching
Groton, MA 01450

Phone: 978-448-3722
Web Site:

Clients I Love to Coach: Leaders, Coaches, Educators, Inspirers

Coaching Statement: What wants to happen through you? I am an executive and life coach committed to helping clients express their passion and purpose in their profession. I know that something wonderful wants to be expressed through each of us. For more than 12 years I have coached leaders all over the world to listen to their inner call, transform uncertainty, and achieve amazing things. Come be supported in confidently finding your way forward, inspiring others, and making a difference.

Katherine Johnson, Ed.D., CLC, PCC
One Spirit Coaching
Easton, MD 21601

Phone: (410) 820-0341 

Clients I Love to Coach:  People in transition, New coaches, Educational leaders, 

Coaching Statement: I am a spiritually based coach who works with people in transition who want to create the life of their dreams in order to express their talents, passion, and joy!

Anne Kelly, CLC, PCC
A New Leaf Coaching

Phone: (301) 693-9580
Web Site:

Clients I Love to Coach: Two groups, really – the first are my fellow trainers, facilitators, leaders, managers, team leaders, and instructional designers. The second group of clients I love working with are those inspired by the offerings of Abraham-Hicks and similar Law of Attraction advocates.

Coaching Statement: I was blown away by the “positive-reinforcement-only” learning atmosphere that Peter and Marcia created for us during CFL. As a trainer I wanted to learn how I could recreate that safe and celebratory environment for my learners and clients. Toward that end I completed Peter Reding’s Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator™ training in 2007. A year later I became one of only ten Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators™ worldwide. If you enjoyed the Coach for Life training as much as I did, let’s chat about what The Inspired Learning Model™ can do in a coaching relationship.

One of only ten Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators™ worldwide, I have been a professional trainer since 1992 and a business coach since 2004.


Elaine La Joie, CLC
Clear Reflection Life Coaching
Hillsboro, Oregon

Phone: (503) 372-8544

Clients I Love to Coach: Clients wanting support building an intuitive based practice, either coaching, healing, or energywork, 

Coaching Statement: I am a CFL trained life coach who has blended coaching, mentoring, energywork, and intuitive readings into my practice. I love coaching those who want to expand their psychic gifts. I specialize in helping awakening intuitives come to terms with the tremendous changes that can happen to their emotional and physical bodies. I also support creatives and artists. I have a background in physics but now coach and mentor full time. Please visit my website for more information about me.

Bonnie Leonard, EdD, CLC

there’s more inside you …

Phone: (401) 295-5115

Clients I Love to Coach: Talented midlife women in transition - including new coaches. Whether you’re longing for something new, stuck in the void, or setting foot in new territory, a professional guide can help.

Coaching Statement: My mission is to foster your ability to move forward into an exciting, new life that expresses your most authentic self. As an experienced Life Coach and former Dean of Continuing Education at Wellesley College, I have empowered thousands of women to reinvent their lives.

Sharon McWilliams MEd, CLC, ACC
The Gift
Pewee Valley, Kentucky

Phone: 502-541-3106 cell

Clients I love to coach: The Wise Woman forty-five  and older who yearns to retreat, replenish and rediscover her passion and purpose on her second journey.  

Coaching Statement: What a beautiful honor it is for me to serve, as your coach, "you, dear wise woman" as you rediscover and acknowledge your purpose, your passion--- retreat style! In the most positive, highest regard, I gently hold a very safe, sacred space, a retreat moment out of time, where we travel splendidly together as we dance in the moment of your truth. Through our beginner’s eyes we just might ‘play’ with various wise woman tools like intuition, visualization, essence journaling, and energy work.  Take a deep breath of life with me into your delightful second journey---Reweave the threads of your splendid tapestry…Replenish your magnificent wise woman essence…Retreat into your wise woman sacred space…Come…retreat with me!  You can do this.

Jeff Patterson, M.A., CLC
Aspen Success Coaching
Aspen, CO

Phone: (310) 951-4525

Web Site:

Client I Love to Coach: Those who are highly committed.

Coaching Statement: Jeff Patterson M.A., CLC leads his clients to create breathtaking success in life and business. From CEO¹s to celebrities and world champion athletes to attorneys, Jeff helps his clients to overthrow the tyranny of limiting beliefs that often have people playing small. Bringing the deepest level of listening combined with keen awareness, Jeff¹s work cuts to the heart of even the most complex of matters. An avid outdoorsman, Jeff lives in the Aspen Valley of Colorado with his wife Lindsay and their black lab Bailey. To learn more about Jeff, please visit

Hilda Porro, CLC
West Palm Beach, Florida

Phone: (561) 301-7787

Clients I Love to Coach: Any individual who is seeking support in hearing their Soul's call..

Coaching Statement: I listen for my clients' expression of their highest Truth and support my clients in creating lives that are in alignment with that Truth. As a trained shaman, I bring all of the tools I'm grateful to have been taught and have experienced to the coaching relationship.

Joan Ramstedt, CLC
Empowered Transitions
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (949) 644-2480

Clients I Love to Coach: I enjoy coaching those from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are seeking creative ways of exploring and creating new and energizing solutions in their personal life and careers. Individuals who are ready to establish their own business or take an existing business to another level. Creative individuals who are wanting a deeper connection to their authentic voice. Individuals experiencing a transition and are healing and growing.

Coaching Statement: Within each one of us exists an incredible spark, when ignited, creates a force that collects momentum and carries us from one fabulous experience to another. When we are aware of and connected to "our spark" we feel a renewed sense of energy, creativity and enthusiasm. The result; resiliency for traversing life's challenges. Joan's eclectic process creatively integrates the philosophies of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Positive Psychology, the International Coaching Federation's Standards of Coaching with the spiritual principles of Coach for Life and various 12 Step Programs. A decade of formal coaching experience and training combined with 30 years of professional Human Resources consulting with entrepreneurs, gives Joan a unique depth of experience that integrates a whole life coaching experience.
She earned her Coach for Life Certification in 2002 and holds the distinction of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation and is a University of California graduate and Regional Career Coach for UCSB. For a complimentary consultation to see "your spark" please contact her at 949 644-2480 or or SKYPE: Jramstedt Expanded biography and recommendations at

Kay Richardson, MFT, CLC, PCC 
Therapist & Professional Certified Coach
San Diego, CA

Phone: (619) 997-7112

Clients I Love to Coach: Inspired, creative, aware individuals & couples

Coaching Statement: My clients are ready to cultivate joy, align with authentic Self, and create fulfillment in life, career and relationships. I bring over 15 yrs experience as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Certified Coach.

Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, PhD, CLC
“Ronna The Relationship Doctor”

Co-Director, Enneagram Institute of the San Francisco Bay Area

Phone: (408) 537-3342
Web Site:


Client I Love to Coach: As a professional trainer, relationship consultant, and expert in personality science, I facilitate interpersonally transformative learning experiences for singles, couples, professional groups, ministry teams, student circles, business partners and other working communities.

Coaching Statement: Teaching individuals, teams, partners, and individuals to use personality assessment and awareness to relax tension patterns, optimize strengths, deal with blind spots and move into valuable action forms the core of my work. I have been a workshop facilitator, professional speaker, psychology professor, relationship counselor, and personality author during the past two decades of my career. I bring that rich professional history to my relationship consulting and team enhancement work. The best relationships of your life. The best life you can lead. That’s the work.

Professional Relationship Coaching, Relational/Personality Style Assessment & Development, Couples Coaching, Divorce Recovery, Online Dating, Premarital Packages, Christian Dating, Professional Couples, On-Call Relationship Coaching, Professional Training & Workshop Facilitation, Authorized Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute Workshop Presenter

Jennifer Sellers, MCLC, MCC
Inspired Mastery
Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
Phone: (520) 229-8585
Web Site:


Clients I Love to Coach: I partner with high potential executives who are moving or getting ready to move into new leadership positions. They gain a clear view of their own thinking, sharpen their interpersonal skills, and tap into resources inside themselves, inside their organizations, and in the larger network. They commit to action born of creative thinking. I also support leaders whose behavior is perceived as abrasive to find new strategies for getting the job done to their high expectations while re-building trust and collaboration.

Coaching Statement: Leadership begins inside, and coaching supports the inside transformation that opens people to expansive thinking and greater opportunity.

Beverly Simmons, CLC, ACC
True Track Coaching

Phone: (909) 297-3620
Web Site:

Clients I Love to Coach: Women in transition who are ready to dream, explore, discover.

Coaching Statement: Are you ready to stand in your own power and speak your own truth? I believe that everyone has a unique gift and life purpose to share and will passionately inspire and support you as you consciously design your life. You are a powerful woman! I am excited to share your journey.

Daljit Singh
President - Strategy & Projects Fortis Healthcare Limited   Gurgaon-122002 (Haryana) India

Phone: +919871000007

Clients I Love to Coach: Corporate Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Individuals, Ambitious Youngsters.

Coaching Statement: Coaching to me is the ability to engage with my clients in an atmosphere of total trust to enable them to realize their potential by accessing the power within each one of them.

Joan Sparks, CLC, PCC
NRG Beyond Measure
Brookfield, WI


Phone: (262) 786-8300

Clients I Love to Coach: High Achievers

Coaching Statement: I support intuitive leaders, sales representatives and change agents who want to achieve break through success and realize seemingly impossible dreams.

Suzanne Strisower CLC, PCC
Your Next Step Coach
Oroville, CA 95965


Phone: (530) 589-5889

Clients I Love to Coach: People seeking their life's purpose and people who want to connect with their spiritual side and then create some viable professional expression for their livelihood.

Coaching Statement: My coaching expertise & joy is to guide people wanting to figure out their purpose in life, next steps and how to create meaningful lives for themselves personally, professionally and spiritually so that they can live their unique joyful passionate life.

Michele Wahlder, MS., LPC, CLC, PCC
Life Possibilities
"Creating lives of passion and purpose."


Phone: 214-823-LIFE (5433)
Web Site:

CLIENTS I LOVE TO COACH: Women moving through personal life transitions who are seeking optimal wellness, authentic relationships, and inner peacefulness & contentment.

Coaching Statement: Michele champions her clients to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose, tap into their heart's desires and fully step into their highest vision of themselves. With over 15 years of experience as a life coach, career counselor, psychotherapist, and corporate performance coach, she has an exceptional track-record of guiding people through self-limiting beliefs and fears into fulfilling lives overflowing with love and personal meaning. Her dog, Moses, contributes to her healing coaching environment.


Coach For Life
525 Emory Oak Street
Ocoee, FL 34761
Coach For Life
10AM - 4PM Eastern Time

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