Master-Level Facilitators

You get the best of the best at Coach For Life from the entry-level programs to the Master Certified Life & Leadership Program.

CFL Co-Founders still facilitate all of the Part I & II Life Coach Programs. So you actually get to see a MCC (Master Certified Coach - ICF’s highest credential) level coaching during the Part I.

  • Have over 23 years coaching experience each
  • Both have held MCC (Master Certified Coach - ICF’s highest credential) since year 2000
  • Were invited by Spirit to create the Inspired Learning Model
  • Are “Possessors” not just Professors of what they invite you to experience
  • Have a depth of experience as Internal as well as External coaches to Corporate & Academia

All Coach For Life Facilitators are:

  • Master-level trained coaches
  • Live & walk their talk in daily lives and corporate environments
    • Master Certified in Coach For Life's Fulfillment Coaching Model™
    • Skilled facilitators of ICF Competencies as well as the new PCC Marker standard
    • Trained as an Inspired Learning Model Facilitator™
    • Have established successful coaching practices




MBA, MCC, MCLC – Co-founder Coach For Life Institute

A Pioneer in the Field of Professional Coaching

  • An extensive corporate background in the Medical Device Industry
  • Lived and worked extensively in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, India and SE Asia
  • Co-founder – Coach For Life Institute (1996)
  • Co-creator – The Fulfillment Coaching Model™
  • Co-creator – The Inspired Learning Model™
  • Master Inspired Learning Model™ Facilitator
  • Co-author – The ICF Core Coaching Competencies (1998-9)
  • Co-founder – ACTO – Association of Coach Training Organizations (2000)
  • Served as the first Chairman for two terms of the IRB (ICF’s Independent Review Board of the Ethics Committee)
  • Recipient – ICF’s Global Peace Award (2005)
  • Became one of the first ICF Credentialled MCC – Master Certified Coaches (1999)
  • Trained over 3,500 people to be a professional coach
  • Traveled and trained coaches in India since 2009
Peter J. Reding

What I Love in Training Coaches

I have been told how my training has changed the lives of the coaches I have trained to be great coaches. For this I am hugely grateful.

I also have heard first-hand through thousands of certification-calls how the coaches I have certified have supported their coaching clients to higher levels of awareness to be better managers, leaders, spouses, parents, and better human beings. This is my driving force as a coach trainer.

How I Approach Training

For me to be in a position to inform, instruct and inspire thousands of professional coaches is both exhilarating and humbling. It is a responsibility I take very seriously.

The learning environment that I create is uniquely positive. We focus on what the student 'got right' according to the ICF core coaching competencies. We have pioneered this Inspired Learning environment and have proven that it accelerates a learner’s learning by more than 200% or more over the traditional critique-based learning philosophies that are most commonly used in the world at all levels of learning.

World Changing Visionary Coach

I bring my personal experience as a practicing professional coach since 1995 to my coach training, certifying and mentoring. I have coached business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and for the past 10 years – world-changing visionaries. I support my coaching students and coaching clients to develop their journey of Self-mastery.


MCC, MCLC – Senior Faculty, Coach For Life Institute

A Compassionate Coach Trainer in the Field of Professional Coaching

  • An extensive background in Neuroscience of Human Communication, Business Networking, Entrepreneurship, Mind-Body Connection, Manifesting, and Compassion
  • Based in the United States, Joanna has an extensive business background from Fortune 50 financial and data companies to starting and running two successful companies. Her coaching practice supports entrepreneurs, executives, and corporate founders wherever compassion is called for
  • Facilitated Part II – Creating a Coaching Practice – Coach For Life Institute since 2015
  • Facilitated Part III – Certified Life & Leadership Coach Program – Coach For Life Institute since 2014
Joanna Davis

What I Love in Training Coaches

I believe that coaches are the healthiest support system a healthy society can have. Facilitating training for coaches gives me the great opportunity and honor of being an integral part of that highly rewarding system. I am directly involved in elevating each individual's level of awareness of the impact they have on their clients, and how to make that impact in the most connected and compassionate way possible. It gives me great joy to facilitate learners’ discoveries of the foundational aspects of coaching, and then watch as they grasp the many nuances inherent to coaching mastery. As each skill level builds on the one before, joy builds on joy in my heart.

I believe that holding a compassionate space for learning, free of criticism and judgment, is key to this inspirational learning process.

How I Approach Training

I rarely use the term, 'Trainer' with regard to what I do. I much prefer, 'Facilitator.' The root of the word is ‘facile,’ meaning ‘easy.’ I love to support learning in a way that makes it easy for the learners (including myself) to grasp concepts and deepen the meaning, impact, and application, no matter what is being studied.

Learning with, rather than teaching to, means we all learn together in a supportive environment that is free of criticism. It also encourages the learners to bring what they already know into play, and build from there. I have yet to meet a coaching student who didn’t have foundational knowledge of how to support others in a way that is compassionate, accepting, kind, open, and encouraging. It is my greatest pleasure and honor to build on that!

Compassionate Coach

I have learned that the greatest way for me to have an impact on the world is to go to the source. When working in organizations, I begin with the founder or top executive. We work together for 3 to 6 months, then evaluate the best way to expand learnings throughout the organization. In my experience, it must begin at the head, and it must begin with compassion. A compassionate organization is healthier and more profitable in the long run.


PCC, MCLC – Senior Faculty, Coach For Life Institute

A Transformational Coach Trainer in the Field of Professional Coaching

  • An extensive background in Training & Facilitation, Leadership Development, OD Consulting, and Integral Coaching.
  • Lived and worked extensively in India, and engaged in transformative work with individuals and organizations using his deep understanding of integral psychological, group dynamics and pedagogy.
  • Facilitated Part I & II – Life & Leadership Coach Program – Coach For Life Institute (from 2011 to 2015)
  • Facilitated Part III – Certified Life & Leadership Coach Program – Coach For Life Institute (since 2016)
Aubrey Nazareth

What I Love in Training Coaches

I love to support individuals who are convinced of their call to affect deep transformation in the world through coaching and committed to self-mastery. I feel honored to be part of their journey towards coaching mastery, inspiring them to use not only what they do but also who they are as a powerful tool for change and transformation in others.

Also, as a coach trainer my focus is on creating a safe and supportive space for individuals to become aware of what is highest in themselves and be true to the same as they grow and mature in their coaching mastery. I believe coaching is an amazing tool to support others to honor the call to be true to what is highest in themselves, and training coaches to do the same for others gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment.  I feel affirmed when the coaches acknowledge me for how I have inspired and trained them to be very effective coaches who being out the best in their clients.

How I Approach Training

For me to be in a position to train, mentor and inspire coaches is exciting and humbling. I approach it with a non-judgmental attitude, open mind and gentle heart. I focus on what is working rather that what needs to be improved and on celebrating smalls wins. The coaches are able to discern what methods, skills and competencies (ICF core competencies) need be worked on and are self-motivated towards achieving coaching mastery.

Transformational Coach

I bring my personal experience as a practicing professional coach since 2009 to my coach training.  I have coached CEO’s, senior leaders and professionals to be true to what’s highest in them and be their best for their organizations and the world. I integrate my deep understanding of integral psychology, requirement for personal mastery as well as business requirement and also key psychological drivers of results to coach senor leaders to perform at their best and accelerate their careers.  Leaders become energized (or re-energized) about their work, take full ownership of their performance and their careers, find and rejuvenate long-lost talents and make major shifts in their contribution levels


PCC, MCLC – Faculty, Coach For Life Institute

A Holistic Coach Trainer in the Field of Professional Coaching

  • An extensive background in International Marketing, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development
  • Lived and worked extensively in India and engaged with Senior Leadership Teams across multiple Fortune 500 Companies
  • Facilitated Part I & II – Life & Leadership Coach Program – Coach For Life Institute (from 2016 to date)
Amrita A. Singh

What I Love in Training Coaches

I love training Coaches as I believe that my experiences as a Coach inspires participants  to make a difference in the lives of people. It is also an opportunity for me to share and pay forward the learning I have received, that is contributing to my living my life’s purpose. My most enriching experience has been walking a parallel path of material fulfillment & spiritual enhancement. My vision is to, 'teach as I learn, give as I receive & serve as I lead.’

Also, as a coach trainer, I am blessed with the opportunity to be able to build a community of coaches that are dedicated to human well-being. I  bear the unique ability to empathize, energize and encourage individuals, to be the best version of themselves. I am a passionate facilitator who connects with participants quickly and helps them open up and engage.

How I Approach Training

For me to be in a position to influence and inspire individuals, I must practice what I teach, self-mastery is at the core of all the work I do.

My ability to consciously empty myself, stay connected to my source and be grounded – allows me to be a container and hold space for individuals, this is a gift that I offer to the world. The ability to build trust and intimacy, share with generosity, listen to understand and speak intentionally supports my work.  I believe I was born to be a Coach.

Being a Coach Trainer, has been divinely orchestrated and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

Back to Source Coach

I bring my personal experience as a very successful, practicing, professional coach since 2012. I have enabled CEOs, top team leaders, and professionals to embark upon an inward journey of discovering their higher purpose and creating a vibrant, fulfilling and meaningful life. With my deep understanding of building teams, building a business from scratch and enabling others to drive results, I am uniquely qualified to support my coaching clients with compassion and a knowledge of context of their world to ask them insightful questions. Without giving advice or leading, I support my clients to generate their best strategies for their organisation, role and life.