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A Proven Corporate Coaching Model
Used By Internal and External Coaches Since 1996

Coach For Life
has been providing coach training and coach certification to mid-level managers, high potential future leaders and C-level corporate executives since 1996. 

The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ is a body-mind-spirit, whole person coaching model. This Model has successfully been used in the corporate and non-profit organizational settings with spectacular results. Our coach training and Fulfillment Coaching Model™ prepare both the external coach and internal coach to support all aspects of their coaching client.

During the past 3 years Coach For Life has partnered with OD Alternatives, based in New Delhi, India to train over 150 organizational executives. These executives come from HR, Learning and Development, NGO Executive Directors, and C-level positions.

Coach For Life’s ICF Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP) have been taken by executives, leaders, business owners and helping professionals from nearly every type of industry, culture and faith tradition in the world.

Our graduates who serve their coaching clients as a “Life Coach” or “Executive Coach” report that they have learned and applied:

  1. The power and empowerment of the Fulfillment Coaching Model™
  2. The difference between coaching and other helping professionals
  3. The structure and core coaching competencies of what makes coaching effective
  4. How to support the coaching client to access and articulate their deepest and most innate values, life purpose and natural strengths
  5. How to conduct a professional complementary coaching session for a potential client
  6. How to conduct the all important foundation session to establish the coaching relationship
  7. How to conduct the weekly coaching sessions
  8. How to keep coaching records
  9. How to contract with the coaching client and coaching sponsor
  10. How to support the permanent transformation of  the personal and/or professional  lives of those clients they  serve as their coach


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